Channel fresh air

Fan filters channel freshest, filtered air inside the electrical panel by expelling hot air, through ventilation grids or roof towers.

Dissipate heat

Our enclosure fan and filter units are a practical, reliable solution that can facilitate the dissipation of hot air inside cabinets and electrical panels.

Roof Exhaust Units

Roof units are used in tight spaces for the extraction of large amounts of heat from the upper part of the electrical cabinet.

Light and functional

The plastic structure with the aluminum top gives lightness to the product and ensure optimal heat dissipation in addition to the airflow generated by the fans.

Fandis North America Full Range

Discover the full range of filters and fan filters from the Fandis North America catalog, or discover more about technical specifications on our detailed data sheets.

Ask more on Enclosure Fans

If you want more information about our products, usage, technical specification or enclosure fan use in your business, please contact our sales manager.